Gem - “Back-Atcha Chorus [...]"


8 page minizine by Gem

First printed 2021, installed in Special Dispensations February 2022

“Back-Atcha Chorus, You Hard Chorus, I’m Godless For Snatches, Bleakly Car-Darkened On A Lozenge”, “Some Bandaged Mystery, Cotching In Corinthinan Spit™ And I’m Toggling Spines ’til Gox-uary”, “O.K. “Drenched Regolith”, I’ll Catastrophise Sparse Naturals… For Heelys! And For Bait-Drenched America”, “The Fuckin’ Consequence-Free Rotisserie Buttress Married My “How My Wife And Child Perceive Me” D-ring Set w/ Knives”, “Toxic Heel-Toe Goblet Wasted An Enneagram” and “In The “Rescue” of Oxnard Spelling, Faxing a Spaniel (Or Collapsing A Spelling, Or Faxing Your Daughter) Is A Rat Cum Spelling”

Much of Gem’s work explores the mechanics of language, the multivalent depth of meaning a word can convey, and how context and design can affect a word’s meaning. This 8-page minizine features six works that distil this exploration into its purest form, assembling sentences that, free from the weight of semantic meaning, toy with the inherent rhythm, humour and form that shape language in ways usually left unseen.